Pressure washing services Toronto


Pressure washing Toronto

From buildings to restaurants maintaining clean exterior walls free of grime, dirt and stains says a lot about your level of success. Clean exterior will give your customers first good impression.

Our commercial pressure washing services can improve your building's facade, parking lot, sidewalks etc. We can get rid of gums, stains, marks at the place of your business. Your store front will look new, professional and refreshed.

Building exterior cleaning

Pressure washing the exterior stone surfaces of the building, sidewalks, canopy and stains will improve the look of your building. Our experienced technicians will remove the toughest stains quickly and safely

Store front and sidewalk cleaning

Commercial store front pressure washing is a delicate process where you have to use proper water volume, cleaning products and pressure. Not knowing the process can cause lots of damage.

We will clean your store front and sidewalks from gums, stains and all build ups

Underground Parking Lot Pressure Washing

Accumulated dust, dirt, salt and grime eventually will damage the concrete surface of the garage. This will add up to the maintenance and higher costs for the building owners.

The best way to solve this problem is ot power wash your underground parking lot to achieve clean and presentable environment. 

First step is to sweep the underground garage using the combination of mechanical sweepers and push broom. Then we will power wash the floors with pressure washer removing salt residues, oil stains and tough spots.

In addition to the floors, all the steel beams and pipes needs to be pressure washed to remove the dirt and build up that leads to corrosion.