tile and Grout cleaning services

Tile and Grout cleaning

Over the time contaminants and dirt build up discolors and darkens your grout making it look dull. It’s hard to remove the dirt trapped in the pores of tile with old traditional methods.

Our company can help you to return your tile surface to their original condition. Professional tile and grout cleaning procedure include high pressure, heat and powerful cleansers. Depending on the condition the grout is brushed to break up soils and loosen oil deposits. Our experienced technicians are skilled in all types of grout cleaning, re-grouting and tile cleaning.

After cleaning your tile and grout we can apply a sealer to protect your grout against stains and mildew build up.

Customers who prefer to change the color of their grout we offer grout staining services.

We also offer regrouting and tile replacement services as well

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