Restaurant Spring Cleaning

Posted by Rashad Sabiroglu on Sat, Apr 16, 2011 @ 04:28

Whether you are preparing your restaurant for sale or making sure you have a clean kitchen you need to do detailed cleaning in the restaurant. Most important place in your restaurant in kitchen.

This is the area where you have most of the action is happening and needs more attention.

Kitchen equipment such as the hood, filters, oven, burners, grill and others: Even though you try to clean them on daily basis the grease and grime builds for a period of time. It can result in health issues for the clients and also make it hard to pass inspections.

Tiled and vinyl floors: Over the time food falls on the floor and behind and under your equipement and builds grease. Even though everybody mops the floors that does not garantee the cleaniness of the floors. Plus while mopping most of the dirt gets stuck in the grout and in between the patterns of tiles.

So how can it be cleaned: One of the options is to scrub the grout and equipment by brushes and scrapers, which is very time consuming and labour intensive job. In addition to that you cannot achieve satisfactory results. The other option would be to do a power wash. By doing this you can achieve better results in less physically demanding way, but still you need time to dry up the place and have to be very carefull so the next day the restaurant owner can turn on the oven.

The way we clean is enviromentally friendly and we use less water and chemicals and the place is ready to be used 5 minutes after we leave. Our powerfull steam cleaning machines can remove all the grease and dirt from your floors and equipment in less time with much better results than trying to power wash or scrape the surfaces.

Your equipment will shine as before and floors will have an original look. Give us a call and we will help you to have a cleaner and healthier workplace.

How to find office cleaners

Posted by Rashad Sabiroglu on Sun, Aug 23, 2009 @ 05:57


It is always a challenge to find service people to perform any job, especially cleaners. Since it's easy to start cleaning company pretty much everybody can become a cleaner overnight with less than $100 investment.

Simple search can reveal few thousand registered companies plus probably the same number of unregistered private cleaners.

So how do you find out who is the best fit to hire:

  • Find out how long the business been around. Since more than half of the start-ups do not survive first five years, that can be a good sign of business conduction.
  • Do they pick-up phone or get back quickly when you call them. Lot's of time you might call a company inviting them to give you a quote but they may call you back in 2 days. That is a good sign that it can be an issue if you choose them as a contractor.

Recently I partially changes windows in my house. They forgot to fill foam in one of the window gaps. When I called them back to request it done the company gave me phone number of the installer who never called me back. Even though it cost me to do myself for only $12 they definely lost my business worth $8,000 plus many referrals

  • Franchise. There are advantages of hiring of franchiser since he has access to knowledge and expertise of larger company. Also they follow all provincial and federal guidelines.

From other side anybody without prior experience can become a cleaning company with couple days of on-site and 5-6 hours of video training. Also most of the franchise companies have to follow strict guidelines it might be hard for them to customize their services

  • Ask for testimonials or who is using their services. Cleaning company might be servicing some companies you deal with which will make it easy to track it down.
  • If there will be ongoing supervision at the job site. All comes down to the fact how is the owner, management approaches their business. If they value their customers, show great interest in business, employees will follow the same pattern.

Therefore ongoing on site supervision of cleaners will help to prevent missing minor details to become an issue

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