How to clean a retail store



Retail Store cleaning guidelines

Our window-cleaning technicians are instructed to thoroughly wipe window frames and ledges and ensure there are no drip marks upon completion of the service.

Marble floors to be Swiffer dust mopped.

Spills will be spot cleaned with spray bottles and microfiber cloths

We will vacuum between chair cushions to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. 

We will clean mirrors & frames with non-ammoniated glass cleaner and microfiber cloths only. 

We will make sure to check behind mirrors for dust, cobwebs, etc.

We will check floor behind mirrors for dust and remove on occurrence.

Black laminate counter tops are cleaned with non-ammoniated glass cleaner and microfiber cloths only.

Our cleaners require that the store team remove all merchandise prior to cleaning shelves We will use extreme care to not disturb merchandise.

We will use ladders to reach high areas in order to ensure your dusting is thorough and merchandise is not damaged.

We will clean slots behind shelving with microfiber cloths and spray mist cleaner.

We will spray the cloth first, and then wipe down the fixture.  Directly spraying the fixture could damage the merchandise

If store has TV monitors, we may carefully clean only the monitor frames.

Our cleaners are not authorized to clean electronics for Loss Prevention purposes.

We will clean lighting in ceiling with extension dusters. 

In stores with high ceilings, our cleaners may use ladders along with extension dusters to reach high areas.

We will report any burnt out lighting to store management


High Dusting

Stores with high, open ceilings will be cleaned upon request outside of daily housekeeping.  High dusting services address the tops of built in cabinets, armoires, displays above hands reach, ceiling air ducts, HVAC return air vents and diffusers, track lighting and or globe lights, water pipes and electrical conduit, along with any media or signage suspended from the ceiling.

High dusting services are generally scheduled after store closing.  We will provide lifts when necessary and ensure all merchandise is properly protected from dust prior to commencing the cleaning.  At the end of the service, fixtures are replaced to their original position and the floors are cleaned so the stores are opening ready the next morning.