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Day porter provides important services at your facility during the daytime. That’s why it is very important to hire the right person for your needs.

Its very important to outline the duties and expectations of the day porter to reach maximum efficiency

Hiring the day porter also reduces the cost and time needed to clean the facility. Our job is to find the right fit for your facility and needs. We do extensive search for the right candidates since that person should be trusted, outgoing and able to solve problems as they come.

Day porters can also be useful when you moving the office, store opening or during the events

Why choose us:

  • We make sure we get the right person
  • We have substitutes for our day porter in case if that person will get sick
  • We answer calls

Our porters are:

  • Uniformed
  • Friendly
  • Speak English and easy to communicate

What are their duties:

  • Lobby and common areas maintenance and cleaning
  • Monitor, clean and restock washrooms
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Meeting setup and tear down
  • Immediate response to spills and accidents that occur during the day
  • Parking lot and sidewalk cleaning

Additional duties for day porter may also include depending on your needs and facility are:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Monitoring and cleaning stairwells
  • Clean garbage room and dumpster
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Kitchen, washing dishes, coffee stations, restocking fridge etc. 
If you are interested in the above services give us a call at 416-464-8057 and we will be happy to assist you