Specialized Services



Porter Services

Day porter provides important services at your facility during the daytime. That’s why it is very important to hire the right person for your needs. Its very important to outline the duties and expectations of the day porter to reach maximum efficiency

High Dusting

We know how hard it can be to clean the dust in unreachable areas. Our latest technologies allow us to do high dusting either its 20 or 40 feet high without dropping any dust particles into the floor. We will clean walls, beams, pipes, ceiling, lights, vents, fans, greeds and other hard to reach areas.

Window Cleaning Services

First impression of your buildings and storefront is very important to your overall appearance. Its the first thing that is noticed by people and clients.
With the help of top-quality window cleaning services your reputation is preserved

Pressure Washing Services

From buildings to restaurants maintaining clean exterior walls free of grime, dirt and stains says a lot about your level of success. Clean exterior will give your customers first good impression. Our commercial pressure washing services can improve your building's facade, parking lot, sidewalks etc. We can get rid of gums, stains, marks at the place of your business. Your store front will look new, professional and refreshed.

Hood Cleaning Services

Complete kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process when accumulated grease is removed from inside of ducts, hoods, fans and vents.
Not cleaning it for longer period of time can lead to extreme dangers. It can also trigger the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. 
It should be cleaned based on frequency and nature of the kitchen usage.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Over the time contaminants and dirt build up discolors and darkens your grout making it look dull. It’s hard to remove the dirt trapped in the pores of tile with old traditional methods. Our company can help you to return your tile surface to their original condition. Professional tile and grout cleaning procedure include high pressure, heat and powerful cleansers.